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Bodywise Coaching can help anyone, whether you’re looking to learn skills to overcome anxiety, depression, and release trauma held in the body, feel more empowered in your own journey, make deeper connections, or simply be a more authentic, and effective leader. You have the power within yourself to heal, create change and  LIVE in AUTHENTIC ALIGNMENT.


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Good to meet you!

I'm Megan.

I want to help you THRIVE, not just survive…


I am driven by the belief that as human beings, we have the innate ability to heal ourselves, and make a positive impact on the world.¬†To do this we must optimize our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing,¬†which is rooted in ‚ÄúBEing‚ÄĚ well. Unfortunately most of us struggle with simply¬†BEing. We‚Äôve learned to normalize, and value going, doing, multi-tasking, and achieving. This approach to life leaves us feeling anxious, overwhelmed, disconnected, and exhausted.¬†Bottom line: We are human BEings not human DOers. The time is critical that we cultivate¬†BEingness for our individual health, and humanity as a whole.

My own journey began when I was 40, divorced for the 2nd time, unhappy, scared, and lonely. The universe helped me trip into working with a somatic therapist. It was a game-changing experience for me and I’ve dedicated my career to this work ever since. I was practicing as a physical therapist at the time, and had the overwhelming knowing that to truly help people heal, I needed to create a body-centered, mind-shifting, spirit tapping approach. I knew the key to whole self healing was in the body. 80% of the (vagus) nervous system lives in the body, bringing in up to the second information. The problem is that our minds filter this new information through our past experiences, constantly on the lookout for danger, trying hard to help us survive. This is why it’s so challenging to shift our mind with our mind alone!

The Bodywise Approach synthesizes my 34 years of experience as a physical therapist, with training in interpersonal neurobiology, somatic psychology, (IFS-Internal Family Systems, Hakomi, RCS), and nervous system resiliency. I hold certifications in The Resiliency Toolkit, Trauma Release Exercise, Embodiment Coaching, Pilates, and Yoga.

Using the body language of "Authentic Alignment" and other somatic practices, I help clients tap into the wisdom of their own bodies to re-wire their nervous system, dissolve old belief patterns, shift their moment to moment experience, and live in alignment with their truth. 

The body language of Authentic Alignment tells the story that we are worth coming home to, listening to, connecting with, and standing up for. We are expressing to ourselves, (including our ‚Äúyounger me‚ÄĚ), and the world, that we feel safe, connected to our core truth, balanced, supported, and have our own back. This allows us to open our heart, speak our truth, and hold our head high, "showing up‚ÄĚ committed our whole self.¬†I call it taking a "BE ME Break". BE ME is an acronym for our Body, Emotional, Mental and Essence realms of our BEingness.¬†

BE ME breaks help us explore our core truths and our needs, magnifying, and embedding the power of somatic therapy because it wires in a felt sense of safety, love, connection, wholeness, and belonging in our bodies. This quickly down-shifts the nervous system from survival mode to a of state of safety, allowing us to trust our instincts, and live open hearted with courageous vulnerability, curiosity, and compassion for ourselves and others. 


As human BEings, our super power is to cultivate safety in our BEingness through the body. When we are safe and resourced in ourselves, we not only improve our individual lives, but we become a source of safety, compassion, and connection for others creating a ripple effect in our families, and communities. This is how we create the change we want / need for ourselves, and our collective humanity.

Portland Oregon is my home. Beyond my work, I balance my life as an avid cyclist, live music lover, art appreciator, outdoor adventurer, spiritual seeker, excellent sleeper, home remodeler, and curious connector with everyone I meet. You’ll recognize me by my loving, intuitive, magical companion Fabio, a 9 year old Xoloitzcuintli.


WellBEing Begins With                                                                               Learning How to BE Well...

Here are the 3 ways you can Become Bodywise. 

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1:1 Coaching

Bodywise Coaching is a body driven,  mind shifting, life changing approach. Through embodied micro-practices, I empower my clients to feel safe, connected, and in alignment with their true self so they can "BE ME". 

 Authentic Alignment is so much more than posture. Its about embodying Alignment with your true self. The body language of aligning gut heart and head rewires the nervous system, and shifts the mindset, creating a sense of safety, presence, and connection to LIFE. 

This work can help anyone, whether you’re looking to feel more empowered in your own journey, be a more effective leader, make deeper connections, or learn skills to overcome anxiety, depression, and let go of held trauma in the body. I wholeheartedly believe we have the power within ourselves to heal, create change and LIVE and THRIVE at our highest potential. 

Connection, safety, and consistency are critical foundations to shifting the nervous system, this is why I work with clients in 3, 6, and 12 month programs. When we agree to work together it's a partnership in healing. Our sessions are 1 hour, but I'm available to text, or call between sessions for support or to celebrate a win! I only take on 15 clients at a time. 

My approach integrates physical THERAPY including hands on release work when in person, and self-release practices when online to unwind chronic systemic holding related to physical, mental, or emotional trauma.  

Click the link to learn more in depth about how coaching with Megan can help you create the changes you're craving in your life. 

Online Course

Become Bodywise: 
The Art and Science of BEing ME    


This is a 12 Module / week journey to Become Bodywise. 

Join me for this body driven - mind shifting self-guided series designed to strengthen body-mind holism through mindful, self-compassionate micro-practices. I'm with you all the way in the weekly live community zoom call. 

You'll feel empowered with a simple, yet clear and compassionate understanding of your nervous system as the foundation of your feelings, sensations, behaviors and experiences. The next step is learning physical micro-practices to align your body, and settle/shift your nervous system. These 1-2 minute BE ME breaks are super powerful, and will integrate seamlessly into your day. Throughout the course, you'll notice yourself BEing progressively more safe in your body, calm in your mind, expansive in your heart, connected to and trusting your gut instincts, and in alignment with your true self so you can "BE ME"! 

BEing is hoME base for everything we "do"

Becoming Bodywise is like mindfulness meditation with a super charger! Why? Because you're literally aligning and integrating gut, heart, and head; getting the entire "ME" in sync using body language to re-write your story, and re-wire your nervous system. Learning to Become Bodywise is a game changer and can help you LIVE and THRIVE at your highest potential.


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Bodywise Membership

Join the Evolution! 

Join me for this weekly community connection where I offer group coaching and answer questions about  Authentic Alignment, Body-Language Inquiry, and how to BE and LIVE Bodywise.

The Bodywise Community is for anyone curious about the art and science of somatic healing/therapy, wellBEing, and wholistic health. I offer somatic (body) based practices to re-wire your nervous system, down-shift your mindset, and help you embody "Authentic Alignment". You'll learn to tap your body's wisdom to re-write your story from one of stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm, to one of feeling safe, grounded, connected, calm, present, open, energized and alive so you can BE, THRIVE and LIVE your best life. 

It's Core Work For Your Soul

Hear from Clients who have

Become Bodywise 

"Megan has been the most insightful, perceptive, gracious and effective coach/healer/therapist I have worked with. She has helped me transform my body/mind relationship, calm my nerves through development of new skill sets, and helped me untangle the places in my life where I have felt stuck. She has all the tools to help one become stronger, at peace, and the best, most clear-headed version of themself. For me, the process with her has eclipsed anything that talk therapy and personal coaching could ever achieve. Megan is a gift to the world."


"I feel like I am living my life as my true self for the first time." -B. R.



"Megan works at the highest level of mastery, effortlessly combining healing touch, wisdom, and intuition.-C. R.

"I feel happier than I have in a very long time. Thank you!-R.W.



"Over the past 6 months I have mentally, and physically come out of the dark. I have never encountered a healer with such depth of knowledge, and nurturing demeanor.  Megan truly is the best!-B. D.


"I can’t begin to tell you how much you've helped me… I read Bessel Vander Kolk, I had a ton of therapy, I had a yoga practice…but it didn’t gel until I started seeing you for TRE….it was like a story where all the words are on the page but they don’t make sense...you helped me make sense of my story, and re-write it to be ok with ME, and heal.-P.R.

"Megan’s work is transformative, and her attention to detail is unparalleled. She helped me release stuck emotional energy, and subconscious stress from the body. I cannot recommend Megan highly enough.-J.K.


"As a client who came to Megan struggling with both chronic pain and PTSD, I can attest that she has every capacity to support and promote healing for her clients.  She skillfully weaves listening, teaching, hands-on work, guidance, and feedback to empower clients to integrate new techniques to achieve their best health, from physical to psychological to spiritual.  Megan is both a kind, and a fierce advocate for her client's wellbeing, and I cannot recommend working with her strongly enough.  You will be glad you did."



Recover from trauma.

Reclaim your truth.

Regain your personal power.

Restore your trust in yourself.

Resolve any limitations.





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You deserve a "BE ME" break today!

Taking a 1 minute BE ME break is super powerful, and will integrate seamlessly into your day. Try it! With 5 breaks day you'll notice yourself BEing progressively more safe in your body, calm in your mind, expansive in your heart, connected to and trusting your gut instincts, and in alignment with your true self so you can "BE ME"! 

You know your phone is in your hand.... why not use it to intentionally connect with yourself, align your body, and shift your mind. It's not a "to do" it's an invitation to BE the best ME you can be! You deserve it!

BEing is hoME base for everything we "do"

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Invite yourself to coME hoME, BE ME, pause, plug in, embody alignment; gut + heart + head on the same team!  LIVE the next moment from your authentic self.