Hear What Clients Have To Say...

Megan has been the most insightful, perceptive, gracious and effective coach/healer/therapist I have worked with. She has helped me transform my body/mind relationship, calm my nerves through development of new skill sets, and helped me untangle the places in my life where I have felt stuck. She has all the tools to help one become stronger, at peace, and the best, most clear-headed version of themself. For me, the process with her has eclipsed anything that talk therapy and personal coaching could ever achieve. Megan is a gift to the world.

Tess D,


Megan is a true master of her craft and modern healer of our time. I came to Megan hoping to understand how the physical, mental and emotional parts of my body work. I'm no stranger to major medical procedures and the physical therapy, body work, therapy work, and energy work that goes with it. But I'd never heard of the kind of Trauma Release work that Megan does. Honestly, I felt like that trauma was catching up to me and I wanted to understand it. I'd been feeling like energy was harder to come by, like I'd lost a bit of my mental and emotional edge and physically life had been feeling more like a slog than my usual Tigger-like joy I was known for. I'm known for my presence and energy, so this was an awkward time for me.

Megan taught me how to listen to my body, release stuck energy that had been keeping me stressed and bogging me down, welcome new energy, honor and process what my body had been through years before, and feel connected to myself in a way that has made life feel easier, more deliberate and enjoyable in the months since. I still use what I learned during my sessions with Megan daily to help me focus, alleviate stress, process emotions and navigate the complexities of life.

I recommend working with Megan because personally, my life has gotten a whole lot easier now that I've given myself the attention and tools to work with it. The things I thought were problems have since resolved themselves or fallen into place and the feelings of stress and anxiety I've felt in recent years feels like it has been replaced with trust and gratitude in a way that no other work I've done on myself has helped me achieve. There's no greater gift than remembering who we truly are, honoring the bodies that got us here, reclaiming our stories and our power, and learning the tools to support us to live fulfilling lives. Thank you for being my Guide, Megan.

Lacy K


As a client who came to Megan struggling with both chronic pain and PTSD, I can attest that she has every capacity to support and promote healing for her clients. Megan skillfully weaves listening, teaching, hands-on work, guidance and feedback to empower clients to integrate new techniques to achieve their best health, from physical to psychological to spiritual. She is both a kind and a fierce advocate for her clients' wellbeing, and I cannot recommend working with her strongly enough. You will be glad you did.

Cate D


Megan at Bodywise is sharp! Her ability to listen and quickly assess and digest my story and shed light on how I can change things to make big personal improvements is amazing! Her ability to connect made me feel comfortable and willing to work together from the start. Great level of trust. I highly recommend!

 Eric D


Megan works at the highest level of mastery I’ve ever seen. She has a healing touch, natural wisdom, and intuition. I feel grateful to have found her.



Working with Megan, I felt my stress, and tension, and pain melt away as it was replaced by a sense of inner calm, and relaxation. I highly recommend Bodywise to anyone looking to reclaim their lives from stress, trauma or physical pain. With gratitude…