We have the inherent potential to change and heal at any age.



To fully heal, and live to our highest potential, we must integrate methods which impact on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.


Belonging • Being

We are all connected. When we come home to the core of who we are, we plug into the universal flow. From this place we can be a source of healing for ourselves and others. 

Come Home to Yourself

Got stress? Most of us would say yes. In fact, we often say, “I’m stressed out!”, or “I hold my stress in my neck, lower back, etc.” Stress can be physical or emotional, and most of us accept a certain level of stress as a simple fact of life. This seems to be especially true in these times of multi-tasking due to the increasing demands of our time: global pandemic, finances, work, traffic, relationships, children, and politics – the list goes on.

Our bodies react instinctively, and lightning fast to physical and emotional stress. Our muscles contract in predictably protective patterns, and there are physiological responses in every system of our bodies. To balance our protective reflexes, all mammals have an inherent relaxation response. It’s like a reset button for the body and nervous system. Think about how a dog shakes, for no apparent reason, multiple times a day. Animals have it figured out! They literally “shake it off”. Here is how it is supposed to work; once the stress/threat has passed, the body naturally “shakes out” this deep muscular tension which releases and “completes” the cycle. This restores the body and nervous system back to a natural, relaxed baseline with no residue or shadow of the event. Brilliant!

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"“I noticed a shift beginning at our very first session.

Thank you for helping me live in the moment and not in the past”.

"Megan has a deep understanding of stress, grief, and trauma. With her tremendous empathy, insight, and a warm  gentle manner, she made me feel safe, and relaxed. TRE™ has enabled me to let go of some of my grief in a physical manner, rather than just talking to myself and continually repeating the same things in my head. I definitely feel more grounded, and calmer."