Bodywise Coaching: 12 Sessions / 3 months

Join me for this 3 month journey home to yourself. RELEASE • EXAPND • INTEGRATE • ALIGN • CONNECT • LIVE Our focus will be building foundational resiliency, and a deep, compassionate connection with yourself. You will learn to create a "BE ME Break" micro-practice. This integrates embodying Authentic Alignment, and Thrive vs Survive somatic centering practices to down shift your nervous system. Next, we add Breaking Barriers "exercises' which help you physically unwind chronic tension and protective patterns related to trauma held in the body. They are also metaphors for the embodiment of flexibility, strength, support, balance, and alignment we are building in your BEingness. You'll also learn Embodied Inquiry to get out of your head, and tap your body's wisdom. Once this foundational sense of safety and self-resource is established we will we begin trauma release work.    What you'll get: 60-minute weekly 1:1 Coaching sessions with Megan We will be in touch as needed between sessions via phone, text, email. Access to your session recordings (optional) Session takeaways including my notes to you, tools, links, PDFs and resources to help you on your journey  FREE 3 month access pass to the Bodywise Community. We meet live online weekly to support each others evolution, answer questions, and simply BE ourselves with others.          JOIN THE EVOLUTION... BECOME BODYWISE

3 monthly payments of $1,000.00 USD